Your underwater experience has certainly told you that water, despite of being very beautiful, it cannot always be hospitable. For this reason, you probably are looking for the best scuba diving wetsuit. Today, we present you 4 different wetsuits to help you find the one that’s right for you and your preferences.

  1. Bare Sports Limited Edition

This is a suit with design with bold graphics and hand and foot stirrups. It has a portion of proceeds benefits the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

It is designed to be eye-catching as well as warm, the women’s Limited Edition suit features a retro floral design in a 3/2 mm fullsuit or shorty. The fullsuit has hand and foot stirrups, and the front zip is extra-long for easy donning and doffing.

  1. Bare Sports Reactive 3 MM

Carlos Luis Aguilera Borjas: Bare Sport Reactive 3MM
Bare Sport Reactive 3MM

Its lining is made of a responsive textile that warms using the diver’s body heat. This model has no-stitch construction using heat and tape to prevent leak points. The Reactive has a lining made of 13 thermo-reactive minerals designed to convert body heat to infrared energy. In order to reduce leaks, the suit features fewer panels, joined by heat taping and sealing to eliminate all seam stitches.

  1. Body Glove Men’s Pro Dive 3 MM

It has Quadra Flex shoulders, arms and gusset panels. Its fairskin chest and back panels have interior key pocket for storage while diving. It is a combination of 3 mm and 2 mm neoprene and high-stretch Quadra Flex panels make this a comfortable full suit for diving in warm waters. Fairskin chest and back panels add additional warmth in the core area.

  1. Cressi Morea (Women’s)

The Cressi Morea has 3 mm thickness that provides protection against cold and abrasion. It has high-stretch neoprene with rear-zip makes it easy to get on and off. It does not matter if you are diving, snorkeling or swimming; it offers protection and unrestricted range of motion. The high- stretch material provides a comfortable, body-hugging fit, while the rubberized chest panel stops the wind from penetrating on surface intervals or while resting onshore.

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